Do you know the Way?


When you work in Home Health you are spending your day on the road.  Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing where you are going.

In today’s world we have google maps but believe it or not, Ten years ago, google maps was maybe in its infancy.  In 2004 two Danish brothers Lars and Jens approached Google with a web app that would provide people with a searchable map that you could zoom in on places.  THANK GOD.

Google saw a good thing and bought the company. So now with smart phones and google maps we can get directions immediately.

On the other hand mapquest has been around for awhile.  Quite often our clinicians would come into the office and pull up mapquest, put in an address and get directions.  They would then print them out and off they’d go.That was all fine and dandy if they had their schedule planned ahead of time.  Often that wasn’t the case and they would call into the office as they were driving because they did not know how to get somewhere or took a wrong turn and needed help.

They called the office for one reason and one reason only.  Pat.  She was our version of google maps.  She knows every nook and cranny of our county and the counties that surround us and so our staff and our group nicknamed her Patquest.  Let me tell you she saved many people who took a wrong turn and needed help.

I do admit we still ask her where something is.

Thank you Pat for always being there. You are appreciated.



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