Super Bowl Sunday


It is Superbowl Sunday. In my house Super Bowl Sunday rates right up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas morning.  Part of the whole Super Bowl experience is of course the food.  Originally I was going to make loaded nachos. I changed my mind. I am a Gemini so I can do that.

In my head I heard the wine club’s resident pizza maker Pam.  What she said to me was make a nacho pizza.

It just so happens I had pizza dough in my fridge.  I also had velveeta, salsa, ground beef, peppers, cheddar/jack cheese and lime tortilla chips. I sauteed the ground beef and then I combined the velveeta with the salsa.  I cooked the crust until it started to brown and then I spread the melted velveeta/salsa.  Next came the ground beef, peppers and finally I topped it with the shredded cheddar jack cheese.  I put it back into the oven and baked it till the cheese was melted and the toppings were hot.  The last thing was crushed lime tortilla chips which I crushed and added after the pizza came out of the oven. It gave the pizza a little something something.

Pizza is so forgiving. You just go with your gut and create your pie.  No recipe needed.  My kind of cooking. It was really good!

Thanks Pam.  It was great talking in my head with you.  I think you would be proud of the final product.

Let me know what foods you had super bowl Sunday. I love trying new things.



2 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Glad I could be the little voice in your head, but I wish I could have tasted your pizza. It sounds really good! We had some of our usual things on Super Bowl Sunday like wings and such, but I also made crispy cauliflower (dip the flowerettes in buttermilk then panko seasoned with salt and pepper and roast at 450 until crispy on the outside and soft on the inside) that we dipped in YumYum sauce. Such an easy, healthy, snacky kind of nibble.


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