Visit to the Beautiful Roanoke Valley

I spent a few days in the beautiful Roanoke Valley.  Although my wonderful wine women of West Virginia were not with me physically they were there in spirit.

Usually when I am with my gal pals we drink and have some retail therapy time. I didn’t want to disappoint them so I want out on a mission. I found this lovely country store that had the most wonderful produce, jams and jellies and baked goods. If you are in the Daleville area check out Ikenberry Orchards.

The Fincastle Vineyards and winery is only 20 miles north of Roanoke and their wines are sold at a few stores in the area.  Luckily I found one.   I was leaning toward the Cabernet Franc since the label said it was a dry red.  It had the blackberry and black cherry  notes that I enjoy in a red wine but it also had hints of tobacco which having a Mom who had breast cancer I try to stay away from things that are known to raise the chances of causing cancer. So I decided to pass on that one even though it might be a really delicious wine and go with the Rose.

I haven’t tried the wine yet but once I do I will write an update.






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