Do you know the Way?


When you work in Home Health you are spending your day on the road.  Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing where you are going.

In today’s world we have google maps but believe it or not, Ten years ago, google maps was maybe in its infancy.  In 2004 two Danish brothers Lars and Jens approached Google with a web app that would provide people with a searchable map that you could zoom in on places.  THANK GOD.

Google saw a good thing and bought the company. So now with smart phones and google maps we can get directions immediately.

On the other hand mapquest has been around for awhile.  Quite often our clinicians would come into the office and pull up mapquest, put in an address and get directions.  They would then print them out and off they’d go.That was all fine and dandy if they had their schedule planned ahead of time.  Often that wasn’t the case and they would call into the office as they were driving because they did not know how to get somewhere or took a wrong turn and needed help.

They called the office for one reason and one reason only.  Pat.  She was our version of google maps.  She knows every nook and cranny of our county and the counties that surround us and so our staff and our group nicknamed her Patquest.  Let me tell you she saved many people who took a wrong turn and needed help.

I do admit we still ask her where something is.

Thank you Pat for always being there. You are appreciated.



What’s in a Name??


For some reason, I have never really been into nicknames however the ones our group came up with for each other seem to work. There is a story about how each one came about. I plan to dedicate a blog post to each  group member so that you can get a feel for their talents and personalities.

So each will be revealed  All in Good Time my pretties, All in Good Time.

These are the nicknames.

Pam- Shop Babe

Jenine-Mountain Mama

Peg – Margarita Maggie

Marge- Martini Marge

Pat- Patquest

Sharon -Beach Lady

Mary Ellen- Navy Mom

Diane-Dazzling Diane

Sassy Sue -Me

Hint:  Check in on Saturday.

We The Wine Women

wine buds

It is rare that you find a job that you love and a group of colleagues that ultimately become your friends but that is what happened to me.

I was working for a company that I hated.  Actually hated is too weak a word. Despised is a better choice.  The job itself was ok.  I was a software system analyst for a telecommunication company.  I was initially drawn to the company because its business was building and launching satellites.  I have always had a fascination for space.  Sadly the company was poorly run and I found myself with a month to find a new job.

I was looking through the classified section and it just so happens there was an Ad for a job at a hospital near my home. It was for a software/manager position for a Home Health Agency. It sounded like a dream job with a five minute commute.  My mantra is there are no such things as coincidences so I applied and got the job.

For those of you unfamiliar with Home Health, it is a service that provides home bound people with nursing and therapy services as well as  aides. The service is available for people needing a couple of weeks of care after surgery or a hospital stay or for those with a chronic illness who do not qualify for hospice and have nursing and therapy needs.

It takes a special type of person to work in Home Health.  At this Agency they were the best. They were smart and independent, compassionate and dedicated to providing excellent patient care.  After working n a dysfunctional  environment I felt like I had come home.

Things change.  The hospital was bought by a new company.  The agency was merged with the new company and everyone got scattered like the wind.  The good news, a group of us formed a wine club and have met almost every month since the merger. How the wine club really started is a good story.  So check in for my next post.


Once Upon a Time

book and quill


Once upon a time there was a sleepy little village located in Maryland.  A 23 year old doctor came to this village to take over the practice of a retiring physician.  His dream was to open a hospital and in 1920 this dream came true.  This hospital had 28 beds and was the first rural hospital in the nation.  Dr. Jacob Wheeler Bird will always be famous in this community. After all he is the one who started it all and to whom my wine club owes its existence.

Many years later a Home Health Agency was created to extend the medical reach of the hospital further into the community.  The agency hired wonderful Therapists (PT, OT and ST), Nurses and aides who all believed in its mission to treat each and every patient as if they were family.

Before coming to this wonderful agency, I had worked for a telecommunication company that was super stressful and poorly run. Ultimately, they went out of business.  I had a month to find a new job.

I am a true believer in the fact that there are no coincidences. When I joined this Home Health Agency I felt like I had found a home. I belonged to something good.  Of course when you work in IS it is always stressful but I felt at peace here and would stay for ten years.

It is here I met all the wonderful women who would become the members of a Wine Group.  We have dubbed ourselves The Wine Women of West Virginia.  At the present time, none of us live in West Virginia (permanently) but one of our club members and her husband own a cabin there and they have been so amazingly generous to allow us to take over the cabin twice a year.

These women have so much to share which is why I created this blog.  To share the friendship that four therapists and five nurses have allowed me to share with them. This computer geek feels blessed to call these women my friends. So in this blog I will share stories, craft ideas and recipes because some of these women are fantastic  foodies .Of course I will share the wine and other adult beverages we drink that we think might interest you.

So Once Upon a Wine there were these women who formed a unique bond and a great friendship….. More to come.